French Pattern

Are you tired of seeing the same symmetrical image in your spaces anymore? In that case, the traverten sets will be an interesting, elegant fun and elegant natural stone flooring that is designed exactly for you. Because the natural stone options designed by the Hurok Marble brand offer extraordinary beauty to equip your homes or work areas with the most original designs according to your taste, your soul and your gusto.

French Pattern Tile

While they are referred to as Ashlar Pattern or Four Piece Pattern terms, they never confuse your head because they all point to the same thing. while others formula; A single 16 × 24, 8 × 16, two 16 × 16 and two 8 × 8 system in the form of laying. You can place your wishes on these gardens, your homes, in short, wherever you want.

From Marble French Pattern tiles, Toscano French Pattern, Antigue Blend, Walnut, Scabas, White, Peach blend French Pattern, Noce French Pattern, Crema Fantasy French pattern, Silver, Silver mix, will be available to be ordered with their varieties.

In your garden landscaping, you can diversify your decorations with French Pattern tiles applications that you can use on your balconies, terraces, pools, summer garden – winter garden.