It is called mosaic for the harmony of paintings created by bringing together tiny colored stones, glass or wooden parts. From the historical mosaic stone remains found in local – foreign geographies, all kinds of different cultural traces can be seen deeply. Mosaic art of BC It is thought to have existed until the 3000s, as well as from the Sumerians to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The mosaic art of which we have seen beautiful examples of history is used as spectacular visuals in architectural structures with both classical and contemporary techniques in our times.
You can create innovative and ultra modern designs using marble, mosaic and traverten stones to add prestige to your spaces and create a luxurious look. Hurok Marble is a leading and international service company providing services in our country related to mosaic art with natural stone varieties that it works on natural stone and ceramic products.
Nowadays, marble varieties are being continued in full swing in the field without cutting back the innovative works facing west. Dilersen you can create classic tatta architectural textures in your spaces by taking advantage of these innovative designs that can be designed on any natural stone bearing the signature of Hurek Marble.
Hürok Marbel company; mosaic, granite and marble, etc. Kütahya is also a branded company serving this area for a long time. It is an establishment that has signed a 100% architectural project with its superior technological infrastructure, machine park and years of service. 100 pieces of boutique work was produced by producing sensitive and parametric workmanship at Hurek facilities. Our company which gives life to natural stones removed from the middle of the nature, presents innovative and innovative attitude with its professional team every year with brand new trends about natural stone. Products which are preferred by expert architects in many domestic and foreign building projects are designed with the latest model marble technology in Hurek production facilities.
On the other hand, mosaic art is also used in the Anatolian lands and is rich in all kinds of richness, nurtured by East – West cultures in the form of a reflection of different civilizations. Dilerseniz you can take advantage of the magnificent rich mosaic images that emerge from the colorful marbling mixes of the gardens in landscaping architecture, garden floors, garden walls, terraces of your homes, walls of your homes, entree floors and cut into small pieces of natural stones.
B.C. After the discovery of the cutting and breaking techniques of the architectural mosaic art created with stones, pebbles and seashells in the 4th century BC, we see that in the following years, it began to vary in color, pattern and material. The use of mosaic in home furnishings is also considered to have begun in this century.
On the other hand, you can make the most of the mosaic images of the natural stone in the decorations of the houses, restaurants, cafeterias, social facilities or businesses, plazas, offices, banks, hospitals, business centers, sports facilities or in all areas of mind. In this matter you can be sure that you can take advantage of all your designs until you ‘ll take your imagination to a mosaic that has no material consequence. Using natural stone mosaics, also known as surface coating art, you can bring all kinds of life and working areas to your wishes, from ancient processions to your hands, to modern day portraits, even to special logos. From ancient times, mosaics, which are frequently used in architecture, can decorate old temples, temples, shelters and houses, as well as put your spaces into a mystical aura. You should also benefit from the magic of Hurok Marbel in your spaces, from the magic of the roads and walls to the interior designs such as kitchens and bathrooms in different designs.