Marble Types

On the other hand, the marbles that are polished with transparent images give perfect and splendid effects to all the structures from the visual point of view. These natural stones provide each other with beautiful color gains; talc, mica, graphite, iron, pyrite, quartz. Semi-silicate rich marble pyroxenes and amphiboles are green; brown and purple persimmon; epidote, controdit, and sphene yellow.

Onyx marble derivative is calcinated derivatives containing silicon dioxide. The old name of this stone is water marble. The marble stones in the world are formed in Paeu-roque and geological periods. Sometimes marble varieties that are encountered in the depths of the earth’s crust are important building materials.

The Most Famous Marbles?

The most famous marbles of the world can be extracted from France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Uruguay … In addition, India, Africa, America Vermont region is also the summit. After the product variants which can be removed with a handful of underground from the ground, they are removed with lifting and transporting tools and the cutting machines in professional hands are cut by special saws and processed by means of turning.

The marbles, which can be the most gorgeous visual element of the interior, are also used in interior decoration, sculpture and ornaments.

On the other hand, in areas such as bathtubs, washbasins and kitchen countertops, it is not only adorned with wonderful designs but also adds value to your living space. In addition to these, stairs, flooring, marble walls characteristic, nice appearance and robust structure is very preferred in terms of. Outside, non-slip marbles resistant to water and weather conditions are used.

Marble Usage Areas

Increased fragments are used as artificial stone filler material. Turkey is also based on full year 4000 until marble processing. On the other hand, as the development and growth of the enterprises in our country are being demonstrated in this issue, marble brands that compete with the world-wide brands stand out, while the works that exceed the world standards are displayed. Hurok Marble is one of the leading brands in this field and is an important brand in marble exports and imports.

Thanks to the marble works that reveal the striking and splendid designs in the visual direction, people are drawn out of ordinary wooden parquet or laminate flooring in their living areas and are directed to marble floor hard floors or marble window sills in extraordinary appearances, to grand marble stairs in wooden stairs steps. Dilersen you can examine the poetic designs of the Hurok Marble products which give the first class ambiances to the places by showing professional work in the field.

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of these kinds of stones on a kitchen countertop. Because the kitchens are the places where most of the days of the ladies pass. At the same time, these kinds of stones will be the richest items in designing a boutique kitchen by revealing their gusto.

For example, you can add your own flavors between home and kitchen items that you choose to decorate, either in your home or in the rest of your home. When you are looking at kitchen products, you will understand better what we are talking about.

For example, natural stones that you can use in your kitchen behind the counter; You can choose between ceramic tile behind the counter, glass mosaic between the countertops, granite between the countertops. Come and reflect in your homes the unique texture of nature through your walls. Natural stone mosaics behind the kitchen countertop will be the most effective nuveler in this respect. Because your kitchens add exclusive ambience with their original appearance, they can only symbolize your motto.

The Importance of Natural Stones

Another important and useful feature of natural stones is their ecological and longevity. Thanks to these natural stones you can find colors and probes that match your kitchen decorations; natural coffee tones, 50 tonnes of whites, creams, bone colors, echoes, sand whiteness, broken white colors, dance in harmony in your spaces.

This way, you will be able to bring the most natural surroundings to your own heavenly homes, just as your living spaces will be restored. When you see the economic prices, you will not believe your eyes.

Again, the stone walls you can admire in the hall decorations can have the best natural appearance with bamboo, natural stone, concrete varieties.