Traverten is an important building material today. The traverten blocks, which are processed and sized in the mills, are obtained by removing stone blocks from the quarries.
If you ask what is the traverten; Molten carbon dioxide in groundwater is transporting calcium carbonate by melting it. As the water progressing underground suddenly emerges in the unpressurized environment, berber carbon dioxide values ​​flow and these calcium carbonates, which are present in the molten water in the water, cling in the form of thin layers. Thus, over time, it forms a padded soft tissue. These layers are called traverses.

This special stone, obtained from the traverten quarries, is the decorative textures that are used as an important building material in the interior and exterior of the day. These stone-like hot coffee tones, which have a great visual appeal to people, attract attention with its elegant appearance thanks to its perforated and veined texture. Most areas of use; pool sides, bathrooms and kitchens, wet floors because of having a veined and rough surface with garden floors.
There is a well-known phenomenon of travertine, which is the perception that the perforated and soft tissue of the travertine is fragile and fragile. The traverten is very durable. Its soft and delicate texture is actually a different outcome of its integrity. You can benefit from the rich design range of travertine variants from Marble products. Traverten stones, formed by the formation of calcium carbonate layers, allow you to create very effective views thanks to the layers they carry in your spaces. Because it uses different ways of cutting style, you can get travertines in very different and unusual views. Indeed, the fact that some traverses are perforated and others have long coronal patterns is due to such different cutting styles.

But this also depends on the degree of professionalism in relation to the handling of the traverten. For example, in the upright travertine cuts, the waterways become open and thus the cutting styles that take the name of the waterway / vein cut / Turkish cut are formed. This look, which looks like wood, allows you to create very solid textures in your home, in the look of wood both indoors and outdoors. In contrast to the waterway style, a different image is obtained when cuts are made. In this section, because the waterways will disappear on the stone, perforated textures are obtained. This stone cutting style ensures that even more durable stones can be obtained from the waterway section we have transferred. Obtained image is trapezoid stone with holes. The traverten tap holes can be closed with a joint filler and a colored and elastic form can be obtained thanks to the silicone joint fillers. Effective images can be obtained with the stone filler compatible and correctly used joint filler. On the other hand, these applications can also be provided with travertine syrup.

On the other hand, these special stones, which can also be used in kitchens like countertops on sinks or on stainless steel feet, can also create perfect images for you to capture authentic and ethnic textures in your home. Travertine Marble products include the most exclusive collections in this area and so on for your home.

In addition to these, decorative objects can be designed even on the walls of your houses with traverten stones. You can even create mirrors, tables or frames from travertine stones. For example, objects made from such natural stones will create ethnic and authentic textures that can make your decoration different from each other. Creating colorful, extraordinary fantasy environments in this way can be very easy with traversing. As we say, you can breathe the authentic texture of the spaces where travertine-coated textures are used, and you can feel yourself in the middle of nature. These wonderful views that fit your gardens into your workplaces, office, bank or plaza entrances can create a very different life / work space for your customers, guests and you. You can bring aesthetic environments to your own designs with these natural stones that will allow you to create quite aesthetic looks or with the designs of your architects. Why do not you and your loved ones benefit from these natural beauties that will take you to the places of stone mastery?

Thanks to the colorful travertine marble types, you can even design artworks in your spaces. On the other hand, natural stones with water absorption feature; it will prevent you from worrying about avoiding rain, flood or snow. From this point of view, you can use natural stones both indoors and outdoors with peace of mind. You can use these kinds of natural stones, which you do not want to care for years, as your home, in all your environments.